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Project dldl/ድልድል Podcast Series Episode 3: Domestic violence in Ethiopia and the feminist movement / በኢትዮጵያ የቤት ውሰጥ ጥቃት እና የፌሚኒሰቶች ንቅናቄ

Project dldl/ድልድል is pleased to share the 3rd episode of our new podcast series that explores domestic violence in Ethiopia. You can visit our Soundcloud page to Listen now.

This episode is entitled ‘Domestic violence in Ethiopia and the feminist movement.’ Our guest speaker is Ms Hiwet Abebe, acting Communications Manager at Setaweet Movement. Setaweet (meaning ‘of woman’ in Amharic) is a contemporary feminist movement founded in 2014. The Setaweet Movement aims to articulate Ethiopian feminism and creates the space for dialogue, research, and activism by Ethiopian women and men.

In this episode, Hiwot helps us to understand the feminist approach to domestic violence in Ethiopia. She will also talk to us about some of the projects that they are working on along with some challenges they face as feminist movement in Ethiopia. The episode addresses questions such as: How might feminism be understood within the Ethiopian context? What is the distinct value of a feminist approach to domestic violence in the country and why is it needed? What is the significance of working with the government and the charity sector, including faith-based organisations, to promote gender and to respond to domestic violence? What are some of Setaweet’s approaches and current projects?

We would like to thank Ms Etsegenet Hailemekeal for hosting the series and Ms Hiwet Abebe for speaking with us on on behalf of the organisation. Many thanks are also due to Dr Sehina Teferra for allowing us a closer look into the movement.

For the purposes of accessibility, we aim to alternate between English and Amharic in each episode.

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Listen to the episode below