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Story behind the logo

The project is signified with the word dldl/ድልድል, which translates as 'bridge' in Tigrigna language.


The word encapsulates perfectly our objective to bridge different disciplines, sectors and stakeholders to achieve a more genuinely collaborative and integrated approach for addressing domestic violence in diverse religio-cultural contexts.

Like a bridge built on strong foundations, we aim to build on existing resources and initiatives in the project countries to achieve meaningful impact that serves directly the affected individuals and communities.

The logo was designed to communicate the solemn problem of domestic violence and our objectives to work in good faith across religious and secular stakeholders to address it. The white arch symbolises the bridge we aim to be across these different sectors and stakeholder groups. The colour red, as the colour of blood, conveys the pain and damage resulting from domestic violence, while the black leaves on the branches remind tears of pain. From the bridge grow sturdy branches, symbolising hope and movement upwards. The branches intersect across each other, representing the collaborations and connections we aim to create through this project to achieve more integrated domestic violence support systems in the diverse religious communities we work with. 

We would like to acknowledge the logo designer, Mr Daniel Desta Hluf, who lives and works in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Mr Desta worked closely with Dr Romina Istratii to understand the vision behind the project and to capture it with an exceptionally creative and meaningful design.