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Dr Romina Istratii speaks about her awarded UKRI Future Leaders Fellowship and the challenges of developing a genuinely collaborative project under tight deadlines

SOAS University of London produced an interview on Dr Romina Istratii’s recently awarded UKRI FLF grant. In it, the Principal Investigator and creator of project dldl/ድልድል discussed some of the challenges of developing an impact-oriented project working in locally-grounded ways and involving multiple international partners, while meeting UK funder tight deadlines and facing procedural delays within the university.

The interview discussed some of the many challenges of research development that Dr Istratii has worked to raise awareness about in collaboration with funders through the Decolonising Research Initiative at SOAS University of London and evidenced through this one project example how difficult it is to achieve dialogically developed proposals that remain exploratory under funder expectations and HE stresses.