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Project dldl/ድልድል Co-Investigator Professor Parveen Ali and Dr Michaela Rogers co-edit and publish new comprehensive guide on Gender-Based Violence

Professor Parveen Ali and Dr Michaela Rogers have co-edited a new comprehensive guide on Gender-based Violence (GBV). The guide has been published by Springer.

The book provides comprehensive information about various types of GBV and abuse. GBV can take many forms, including female foeticide, infanticide, female genital mutilation, child marriage, grooming, trafficking, forced marriage, dowry- related abuse, honour-based violence, rape, sexual assault, stalking, harassment, street violence, abuse against older people, domestic violence, and intimate partner violence. It can take place in public, private and virtual settings, and within the context of intimate, familial, community and institutional relationships. While all these forms affect girls and women more, boys and men can also be exposed to various forms of violence, including child abuse, sexual abuse, wartime violence, corporal punishment to name a few.

This book takes a unique approach and presents an overview of gender-based violence and related practices throughout the world. The book is written in a  user friendly manner in order to be accessible as an introductory text to a wide range of readers including students, practitioners and researchers.

Edited by a public health academic and a social worker, with contributions representing a wide range of disciplines, the book will appeal to many professions including nurses, midwives, social care and social work practitioners, police, teachers, psychologists, and sociologists.