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Press Red Podcast: In Conversation With Dr Romina Istratii

Courtesy of Press Red

Press Red has released a podcast episode that features Dr Romina Istratii speaking on the topic of refugee women and girls and the vulnerabilities facing them during and post displacement. Press Red is a Christian organisation educating, equipping, and empowering on the issues of violence and abuse against women and girls.

In this episode, Dr Istratii discusses, inter alia, violence in peace and war time, feminist and psychological insights into sexual and gender-based violence affecting women and girls (as well as boys and men), the relationship between war-related violence, domestic violence and childhood trauma, coping and help-seeking strategies for refugees and displaced populations affected by violence, and especially the role of faith in coping and healing and the clergy in responding to victims and survivors, drawing from evidence with Christian and Muslim communities internationally.

The episode concludes with Dr Istratii’s proposal for the need to cultivate humility and self-awareness as a means for achieving more reflexive, decolonial and survivor-centred responses and support services.

Listen to the full podcast episode on the website of Press Red.