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Programme summary and evaluation report published: Training Ethiopian Orthodox clergy to respond to domestic violence in Ethiopia

The final report on the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo clergy training programme on domestic violence delivered collaboratively by project dldl/ድልድል and the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo Development and Inter-Church Aid Commission (EOTC DICAC) is now available on the website of project dldl/ድልድል under ‘Research Outputs.’

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The programme was delivered by Project dldl/ድልድል with the support of EOTC DICAC to build the preparedness of Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahedo clergy in North Shoa to respond to domestic violence in their communities. The report describes how the programme was set up and the timeline of its delivery and evaluation, the training content of the workshops and the workshop format. It also presents the delivery team’s evaluation of learnings, followed by the participants’ own feedback collected after the workshops and in follow-up ‘refresher’ trainings and outlines directions for continuing and scaling out the programme and its potential impact in the future. An Executive Summary is included in the report that outlines the key outcomes of the programme.

Project dldl/ድልድል would like to acknowledge the general support to this project of Mr Yilikal Shiferaw, the Commissioner of EOTC DICAC, Abune Samuel, Archbishop of EOTC DICAC, Mr Bantamlak Gelaw, Head of Health & Social Affairs Department of EOTC DICAC, and Memher Aklil Damtew, coordinator of the pilot workshop series, and the trainers who supported the workshop delivery alongside Dr Romina Istratii, namely Mr Henok Hailu and Ms Bezaweet Birhanu. The project is deeply thankful to the assistance received by the EOTC DICAC office in Addis Ababa and in Debre Birhan and specifically the colleagues: Mr Dejene Meberatie, Kesis Mulugeta Mekonen, Mr Belihu Denegidie, Mr Samuel Sesay, Memher Samuel Hirui, Ms Ayalneshe Bayou, Ms Bayoush Berded and Ms Fitsum Kebede

Project dldl/ድልድል would also like to acknowledge the research assistance support by Ms Liya Desta, who supported the delivery of the workshops in North Shoa and helped to transcribe the responses from the paper-based questionnaires, and the translation services of Ms Yeshihareg Abebe and Mr Fresenbet G.Y. Adhanom, who helped to translate the data collected during the workshops into English. We are also grateful to Mr Daniel Desta for developing the cover page and paper-head logo of the working paper series. 

The programme concluded with an interfaith meeting, where leaders from other religious traditions represented in North Shoa were consulted on the continuation of the programme. A separate report on this meeting will be published soon.