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Designing and evaluating culture-sensitive and faith-based domestic violence interventions: International experiences


Background Within the sector of domestic violence, the question of evaluation and effectiveness is central. Despite the existence of a wide array of interventions and programmes, how effectiveness is to be measured given difference designs, methodologies and approaches in the sector is an on-going debate. Moreover, specialists increasingly recognise the importance of accounting for cultural […]

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Engaging clergy to address domestic violence: International approaches


Background The scholarship that examines clergy engagement in domestic violence interventions is extensive. Despite nuanced evidence, the scholarship generally agrees that clergy are generally influential and well-positioned to respond to domestic violence in religious communities, but often lack understanding of how their own discourses and responses might unwittingly reinforce negative norms, attitudes or situations, and […]

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Exploring Decolonisation in Ethiopia: A discussion to explore the relevance of decolonising Ethiopian scientific knowledge production and societal development


The discourse of decolonisation has become increasingly salient to Ethiopian universities and research institutes, as well as public discussions, although critical thinking around the dominance of western secularism has existed for a while in theological and religious studies circles. Ethiopia was not physically colonised, however, reflecting the neo-colonial era internationally, Ethiopia – like other African […]

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Training Orthodox Seminary Students and Clergy to Respond to Domestic Violence: Current Approaches & Lessons from around the World


Background: The need to teach students in seminaries about marriage, family relations, gender issues and domestic violence has become recognised in recent decades and us increasingly prioritised by theological colleges, seminaries and other religious training centres. However, how religious training institutions pursue this topic and instruct on it, what methodologies they employ to equip their […]

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War violence and domestic violence: Understanding the relationship and exploring linkages with forced migration and religious beliefs


According to the Statista Research Department, in 2019 there were 158 violent crises, 71 disputes, 23 limited wars and 15 wars in the world. In November 2020, a new conflict erupted in Tigray region, northern Ethiopia, the main sites of project dldl/ድልድል, which works to support the development of religio-culturally sensitive approaches to addressing domestic […]

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Addressing domestic violence in religious communities in the era of decolonising knowledge


Efforts to address domestic violence in religious communities are not new. Numerous initiatives by academics, practitioners and religious believers have emerged that recognise the need for a close engagement with religious beliefs and religious personnel, historically neglected in the secular domestic violence sectors dominant in Northern societies. While increasing attention has been given to issues […]

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